Iphone Deeplink problem


Hello everyone,

I didn’t see any post about this here yet but I’m really having this problem.
When I use a button or anything to launch a deeplink in Iphone, the same just show me a screen write “Launching Experience” and when you click on it, nothing happens.
In Android this doesn’t happen, the experience just loads as normaly.

Does anyone has this problem or know how to solve this? I really need to launch this Deeplinks in the experience :frowning:

att, Higão.


Hi @higor,

Could you send me the deep link you’re trying to launch please?

The zpp file, or zapcode URL (if this is a Widgets/Designer experience) would also be helpful.

Feel free to send these through to support@zappar.com to keep these private.



Hello @sebastian,

Thanks by answer this post!

Doens’t exist a right deeplink, it’s any deeplink I try to launch. New or not, when you click or set it to launch by anyway, Zappar show us this message that I told in the post above but if you want, I may do a quick a project with only a button to launch any deeplink.

att, Higão.


Hey @higor ,

Deep links need to be opened in an external browser for them to launch correctly.

In Designer the option can be found next to the Link field:


To launch a URL in an external broswer in Studio, you’ll need to pass in false as a second parameter to the launchUrl function i.e.

Z.device.launchUrl("https://www.zappar.com", false);

Deep links launched from Widgets won’t work, as the Widgets tool doesn’t provide a method to specify a link to open in an external browser.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


Hey Seb,

Okay, okay. I’ll try this way again. I already had done this way, but I’ll try again. Maybe I was doin’ something wrong because I saw this working again other day.

att, Higão.