iPhone 12 Pro not compatible with world tracking?


I have an iPhone 12 Pro and I made a really effect using the 3D hotspot template. However, when I try scanning the QR code for my project it pops up in the browser that my device does not support world tracking. When I still run the project is works terribly. Why is this the case when I have an iPhone 12 Pro? The project works perfectly using the Zappar app, but I need a way to share the project via QR code without forcing people to download an app. Please help. Thank you!


Hello @johnson.kat.g ,

So it’s not that your iPhone 12 Pro isn’t compatible. It’s that WebAR isn’t.
With WebAR you can only use the Instant Tracking. If you need the true world tracking you will have to use the Zappar App. Now with at said you can NOT use the QR code with the Zappar App. It will open a browser and you will still have the same problem. You will need to use the round ZapCode.



Thank you! Very helpful to know.