iOS14 updates


Has anyone seen updates to resolve iOS14 issues?

I posted a month ago experiencing WebAR not having 3D models appear on iOS14 phones. I’ve haven’t heard anything since told it is in the process to be resolved.


Im having the same issues. I can’t get any models to show in WebAR.


Hi everyone,

I’m going to be talking about our Studio tool in this case as I’ve been investigating these issues this morning now that I have a device which I am able to test with.

I found that a .GLTF model imported from Sketchfab would display on my Android 7.0, iOS 14.1 devices, as well as Safari 14. That said, a user submitted model would only work using the app and Android webAR. That model was not in a recommended format for Studio. Here’s the model I used in case you were interested.

I’ve communicated with some of the guys higher up so attention has been brought to it. Here are the suggestions for now:

  • Please make sure that you are importing a model that follows our supported formats and guidelines.

  • Ensure you are following the export and the import guidelines.

  • It’s also good to be aware that even if you use a supported format, models with too many bones per mesh won’t be rendered in WebGL due to their complexity. In this case, try to simplify your model by lowering the amount of meshes.

  • You could also attempt to use another format such as .FBX or .POD as these model formats will have the bone batching stage during the loading pipeline.

For help with our Universal AR SDK technologies, I’d recommend sourcing the documentation for the tool you are using because ThreeJS for example uses its own kind of loaders and is therefore out of our scope.

Have a great day! :blush:


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