iOS devices will not center on tracking image using Universal AR / Aframe

My project works great on my android devices and iPad, but on iPhone the placement is off. I’m not sure what could be causing something like this.

Here is what I want to see as seen from a iPad.
iPad View

Here is what is happening on multiple iPhones in both Safari and Chrome
iPhone View

Is there a setting or something I’m missing?

I’ve reduced all the code down to the most simple version I can, removed all the buttons to have just a tracking image and an overlay video, I’m getting the same behavior with android and iPad tracking perfectly and iPhone doing its own weird thing: Simplified Code

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It seems it specifically happens when I add a video element to my experience.

Everything tracks until I add a element or with a video attached, if I remove the video everything tracks correctly.

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Figured it out, I was using

<a-entity camera zappar-camera>

switching to

<a-camera zappar-camera>

had made iOS act the same as the other devices

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Hi @michael,

Great job on this, it’s super helpful for our community! :clap:

All the best,
Francesca :blush:

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