iOS build issues with "Universal AR"


During the iOS build, I encountered the following error message:

Undefined symbol: _glGenTextures
Undefined symbol: _glTexParameteri
Undefined symbol: _glTexImage2D
Undefined symbol: _glBindTexture

I would like some help on what to check. Thanks everyone


Hi @sherlockat,

We’ve replied directly to your support request, but I’ll add the response here as well:

I wonder if you could you please tell us more details of your problem so that we can help you, such as a screenshot of the error, your Unity and UAR Unity package version, and steps to re-create this?

In the meantime, I did happen to stumble across this article on the Unity forums: . I wonder if you could get results by doing something similar?



thanks for your reply. i will check it and share the results.


Thanks George. i fixed it yesterday.

I was using Unity 2021 version.

Build with the Unity 2019 version and there is no problem.

Thanks for your attention to my question.