Invisible block shifts position


Okay, So I created a train animation where the train travels from left to right. I wanted to make the train disappear at the edge of target image. It was suggested that I create a cube and give it an invisible image map. That worked great but one side effect. When you view the animation from one specific angle, it looks perfect. But as you rotate the tracker the invisible cube seems to block vision of the train. In some instances the block cuts the train off in the middle of the target. I understand why it does it. It is based on perpective and view angle but I need a solution to cut the train off as it leaves the target.
Sorry for the sideways video.


Hi @dax,

Your project is looking great!

You are correct in thinking that this problem comes from perspective and viewing angles. The ‘occlusion box’ is a 3D object and it overlaps/removes everything that is ‘below it’ in the perspective view.

There is no real fix for this at the moment, but there are a few workarounds.

  • You can scale the occlusion box so it’s width and height are only slightly bigger than the train itself, thus removing the amount of unwanted clipping from the different viewing angles.
  • As this is a 2D tracking image it will more than likely be scanned directly in the front view. You can
    position the occlusion box perfectly on the edge of the image when looking in the front view perspective.

Changing perspectives when editing in studio can be achieved using the tool below.

Please let us know if you manage to work out a better solution to this perspective problem and we are looking forward to seeing the final project.