Introducing Zappar WebAR


You may have noticed that since our latest major ZapWorks update, we’ve begun talking about our mobile WebAR beta - particularly if you’ve been involved in the recent discussions on the ZapWorks community forum.

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Is WebAR already compatible with IOS and Safari?

Thank you


Just tried the WebAR with my existing content (created in ZapWorks Designer) however I am getting limited content - namely sound, and a couple of interactive buttons. No video/animation, no images or photo albums, no ‘e-card’ - tried it out on an AR book page and also two business cards. I used iOS 12.3.1 Safari on iPhone X


Tried it with my existing content, one project in Studio and one in Designer - neither are showing video. One is a business card, one is a magazine layout.

iOS 12.1.4 Safari, iPhone 7 Plus


In my case I can say that the new IPOD Touch works well:

But not in my previous iPOD Touch 9.3.X

So it would be ideal to indicate from what version or device WebAR is compatible.


IPhone 7 Pro here. Good times with the Webar!

One of my experiences, an interactive 3D Godzilla, worked flawlessly! Our Ghost Game, which makes use of world,positioning, only got so far before choking. I get it: beta!

The Zapteam has worked so hard and so quickly over the last year, I have no doubt it will accommodate all content soon.

One suggestion: make the webar UX more seamless. Perhaps eliminate the button they need to click on first loading an experience.

Also, I scanned a QR code and then had to scan my Zapcode. Perhaps confusing to the user. Can this be made easier?

Great work, and vital I think in keeping Zapworks alive. Very exciting.


Hi everyone - thanks so much for all the feedback and sharing your experiences with Zappar WebAR. It’s incredibly useful for our development team, so we’ll be pouring over it and getting back to you all soon. As this is still very much a beta, there’ll be some inconsistencies between different models of phone, but we’ll be looking into this as we go and as more users report their experiences to us :).

@donnav - on the ‘launch’ button for launching the scanner, this is an Apple requirement. There needs to be an explicit action by the user in order to access the device camera, so we would be unable to remove this I’m afraid.

If the QR code is set up to launch the WebAR deeplink, then the experience will launch automatically without having to scan the zapcode. Check out our documentation here for more info:


Hey everyone,

It’s great to see you’re all getting stuck into Zappar WebAR :smiley:

Thank you for keeping us updated on your own beta tests @wizhez, @thinkwebstore, @jgcordoba and @donnav.

It’d be really valuable for us to run some internal tests with your projects. If you can find the time, it’d be great if you could send over an email to with the following:

  • The zapcode you scanned with Zappar WebAR
  • The project published to that zapcode (zpp if Studio, URL if Designer)
  • The tracking image (if used)
  • Description of the differences experienced between the native app and the WebAR platform

Thanks again for your feedback everyone,


We were noticing that we couldn’t get world tracking to work in WebAR. Is anyone else having that issue?

We’re wondering if it’s something on our end or is that feature not available yet in the web app.


Hi guys,

@thinkwebstore @wizhez, you will be happy to know that Widgets and Designer experiences now function as they should when scanned in WebAR.

@marcus1, world tracking is not currently supported by our WebAR tech. It is something we are working on! :slight_smile:

All the best.



Thanks, George!


Great to see the designer experiences working as intended! Is there any time frame on when viewing video through WebAR will be fixed, when scanning Studio experiences?


Is each and every scan of a QR code viewed as a unique scan, or can a different WebAR experience be delivered to a user if they they have scanned that same QR code before?