Introducing Instant Tracking


Hallo George thank you so much for the file… I would like to use this zpp to attach a 3d object to a real object by using a silhouette that is on the screen on the ‘placement preview state’ may you give me some advices?
Otherwise would it be possible to have the scripts in this file commented?

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Wow! Just now I logged in to see what is the test link we use to try the extended tracking and I come across this update.

Thanks a lot!!!



Is this available to use on actual client projects? (using zapworks studio)


Hi @wil,

Great question.

You can definitely use instant world tracking for client projects. Some of our most recent live projects contain and use instant world tracking. Currently it’s still classed as ‘Beta’ as we want to make some slight changes, but it’s in a stable enough state to use in live projects.

Please note that because it’s still in ‘Beta’ you’ll have to launch an experience made with instant world tracking into either or a custom splash screen.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to get in touch with us (