Introducing Instant Tracking


Hallo George thank you so much for the file… I would like to use this zpp to attach a 3d object to a real object by using a silhouette that is on the screen on the ‘placement preview state’ may you give me some advices?
Otherwise would it be possible to have the scripts in this file commented?

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Wow! Just now I logged in to see what is the test link we use to try the extended tracking and I come across this update.

Thanks a lot!!!



Is this available to use on actual client projects? (using zapworks studio)


Hi @wil,

Great question.

You can definitely use instant world tracking for client projects. Some of our most recent live projects contain and use instant world tracking. Currently it’s still classed as ‘Beta’ as we want to make some slight changes, but it’s in a stable enough state to use in live projects.

Please note that because it’s still in ‘Beta’ you’ll have to launch an experience made with instant world tracking into either or a custom splash screen.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to get in touch with us (



I have a question regarding location services, which some have said are not available due to privacy concerns. Is there an alternative that could work well for somebody wanting to build an AR tour of a city? My team wants to create an AR experience using certain sites around Portland, OR to trigger content. We are looking around at apps that provide location tracking for this purpose. If Zappar does not have it, do you know of a way in which we could still use Zap to recognize site-specific markers?


Hi Simon, Enjoyed working with Unity SDK using instant tracking. Just wondering how far off the World Tracking feature may be? :slight_smile:


Hi @patrick.wade2,

We’ve got some interesting updates on instant world tracking coming this week, I’d recommend signing up to our AR Pioneers Summit to find out more.

We’ll be sure to update this thread with the key points from that update as well.



following on from this thread - love the announcements today about improved tracking, however I have a current client project that needs to complete in the next week or 2 that could do with some help.

I am currently using the instant tracking ZPP file you uploaded in the thread, however it doesn’t seem to work as well as your demos. Could you help me understand how to implement it?

One thing I don’t understand is: " to be launched in or a custom WebAR site." - our experience is using Studio and the “splash screen” webAR site - is this the correct “custom webAR” site - or how would I upload it to “beta.zappar” ?

Confused as to what I need to do to get world tacking to work as well as your demos

Thanks for your help


Will the aforementioned full word tracking be available only on Zapworks Studio or will it work with the Universal SDK too? The latter is going to be awesome


Yup this will be for both Studio and Universal AR.

In fact the plan is the Universal AR SDKs will get a public beta first, as it’s easy for users to opt-in to a particular beta version and lock to that version if it works well for your use case. That means we can push behaviour changing updates to that beta branch without worrying about breaking any existing content that uses any older beta releases.


This is fantastic to hear, any ideas on when this beta will be launched?
Thank you very much Simon


Is there a way to place multiple models into an environment?


InstantTrackingLookAtCameraRotateScale.zpp (324.2 KB)

I added slight modifications to George’s latest subsymbol. The model will now always face the camera, and you can rotate/scale after placing the model on the ground.


To get “look at” behaviour there’s a second argument to InstantTracker.setAnchorTransformFromCamera which gives various options for the orientation of the anchor that is placed. My post with the original demo contains the best current documentation for this: Instant Tracking WebAR Beta - Example content and API discussion

If you want a placement UI where the content appears at a fixed camera relative position and facing the camera until a “place / lock” button is pressed, then that is accomplished by re-setting the anchor each frame in that placement mode, something like this:
instantTracker.setAnchorTransformFromCamera([0, 0, -5], InstantTracker.TransformOrientation.z_up_y_away_from_user);

When the lock button is tapped, simply stop calling that function each frame, and Instant Tracking will update the anchor position relative to the camera as the camera moves to keep it locked in place.

Z.Mat.anglesFromRotationMatrix freezes app

We’ve got a few beta builds internally with it integrated into Universal AR but want to make some more improvements before we officially launch the public beta. We’re working flat out to get there but it’s impossible to give any accurate estimates, but if you twisted my arm, I’d say we hope there will be something public for you to play with in the next month or so.


Right now you could use multiple InstantTrackers, but as all the anchors will need to stay in view for it to work well, it might not be that useful.

When we’ve released the full world tracking solution we’ll think about an API for multiple anchors (and extended tracking) that will all share the same world map data. The initial focus though is just to improve the implementation backing the single-anchor InstantTracking API to allow looking away from the anchor and more stable long-term placement.


I want to place a ring on a finger or nail polish. Is this something I can use instant tracking for? Do you have an example I can play around with?


Thanks for your reply.
I have another question.
I’m currently using a hobbyist account.
I’ve put together an instant tracking experience I want my friends to try remotely.
As a hobbyist account is it possible to have a custom webar website to launch the experience?


Instant Tracking isn’t really suitable for these use cases - it’s best to think of it as a lightweight version of world tracking. Your examples would probably need specific hand-tracking methods (likely 3D for the first, and a 2D segmentation for the latter). We don’t currently offer either of those tracking types.

Hobbyist accounts can use the site to make use of instant tracking. You can create a deep-link to your experience that you can share with your friends by following my instructions in this post: Instant Tracking WebAR Beta - Example content and API discussion

Once you have your deep-link URL you can also create a QR code for it using one of the free online QR code generators.


This is some great work. Thanks for the sub symbol.
I am having one issue.
When previewing and publishing, I can’t reset the placement of the model by tapping the screen. I have to restart the experience.
Hopefully you can help me.