Introducing face tracking and Sketchfab integration in ZapWorks Studio 6


At Zappar we're on a mission to democratize digital reality - we believe that building the next generation of immersive experiences should be expressive, affordable and delightful. That's why we are so excited about Studio 6, the latest ZapWorks update that brings you our most versatile, feature-rich toolkit ever. Previous iterations focused on lowering the technical barrier to entry so that anyone could create amazing content. With Studio 6 we’re building on that foundation with a host of powerful new features, each one designed to help you craft AR experiences that surprise and engage your users.

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AWESOME update!! Thank you Zappar Team! I’ve just implemented the face tracking in a project. :slight_smile:


Thank you Len - so glad you’re enjoying it and would love to see what you’ve made with the face tracking functionality! Appreciate the support, means a lot to our team.


You’re welcome James :slight_smile: Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share this one but I sure will with others in future :slight_smile: