Intersections and timelines/states


Any everyone, any thoughts on why my states are not activating on collision with a raycaster? I’m also making symbol colour change which works so I know the collision is being detected.

symbol.nodes.menu_filter.on(“intersection”, (e) => {
Menu_filter.color([0.584,0.753,0.165, 1]); //WORKS AS EXPECTED
symbol.controllers.moreInfo.elements.filter.activate(); //ONLY ERRACTICALLY WORKS

As noted, very occasionally the state will activate but this has no correspondence to any logical action… perhaps a timing issue?



Hello Stephen,

I’m not sure about this but did you try to change your event? I mean, I don’t remember about an event called “intersection” and seeing here has only these:

att, Higão.


Hi Higor, Great suggestion…I have to keep some of the elements as intersection but if I bracket the state change of the title in an intersectionenter it works! Thanks as always for your advice


No worries stephen! Hope you got it!

att, Higão.


Yes I didn’t indeed… did a combo of intersection and intersectionenter and it now works smoothly!:+1:t2: