Interactive memory aid for my music students


Here’s an AR experience that I created for interactive guide tickets that I give my music students, The AR leads the student through a series of real-time demos of the musical concept (in this case, tied notes) and then rewards them with a gift adventure game in which they can put their understanding to the test. The gift game is not in AR but it is triggered from the end of the AR experience and it is playable on the device used to see the AR. I could convert this to English if there are any interested partie !:grinning:


Very Nice!!

Love the game.



Thanks Steve :slight_smile:
The actual full game is on my website and is better played on computer because of the screen size.


So did you recode your game for zappar or is it a website linked?



Sorry for the delay of my reply. The game was developped with Clickteam Fusion Dev. I just striped down the original 10 level game to 2 levels and made some minor adjustments to accomodate the zappar browser window. Still having trouble getting zappar browser to dusplay full-screen without the interface borders. My html5 file plays it full screen in browser, but parts of the game are hidden behind zappar browser interface.


Cool thanks