Interactive 3D "explosion diagram"

Hello fellow Zaplings!

Our company flyAR made an interactive 3D explosion diagram for demo purposes and used a skateboard-3D-model because we happened to have that model AR-ready (and we like skateboarding). The purpose is to demonstrate how AR can be used to show and tell more about any object (machine, product, building, area…). There could of course be more “depth” ie. clicking on the bearings would zoom in and explode it into components and maybe have links to even more info online and so on, but this demo has only one level of exploding and billboard info texties.

Here’s a video

And here’s the trigger for trying out

If you are interested, please check out our projects here →
I will be posting a few more soon as we get them documented :slight_smile:


Great stuff Frans! Thanks for posting :smile:

Frans also took part in a Q&A with me earlier in the year published on the Zappar blog, so if you want to get his take on setting up as a AR agency using ZapWorks then make sure to check that out as well.


Very nice job.
I’m curious how you’re able to rotate the board while on the tracking image.
I’ve add a model to the 3d photo feature, but I cant seem to make the model stick to the tracker and still give the user the ability to rotate, like yours.

Hey rbaldonado, thanks for your compliments! This functionality was customized (by @slothling) using the photo-feature code as a starting point. The Zapbox Mars Mission has a really nice scale/move/rotate thing going on pre-headset-mode and I think it was available somewhere to dl, can you point to a link @chris.holton or @simon as I can’t find it now.

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