Interactions in Aframe

How to create touch interactions to scale,rotate or move the object based on gestures?

Hey @mihir ,

Generally, you’d use something like hammer.js to simplify the workflow; use the values returned from hammer to transform a group of entities.

If you would like to avoid dependencies, it may be handy to have a look at the source code of hammer.js on GitHub, they have all of the touch-interactions that you need open-sourced.

We will be releasing an example project using hammer.js in the first weeks of 2022 (when we’re back in the office) that should be a handy reference.

I hope this helps you get started! :slight_smile:

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To add to the above, we do have an example using hammer, but it’s for PlayCanvas. The concept is the same though. Have a look at touch-input.js on this project:

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Thanks @Deim an interactive example would be really awesome.