Interacting with parent symbol from subsymbols


Hi, I am working on this project and I wanted to put a home button on each of the subsymbols I create, so that when clicked, it would take me back to the home parent symbol.

e.g. Parent symbol > subsymbol 1 > subsymbol 2
How do I get from subsymbol 2 to the Parent symbol without going through subsymbol 1 when home button is clicked?

Thanks in advance


Hi @jyoti.drozario,

For this type of use I’d recommend making subsymbol 2 a child of the parent symbol, rather than of subsymbol 1. That would allow you to “back out” into the home screen (parent symbol) in the same way you would with subsymbol 1.

Our randomised photo feature tutorial has steps on closing/displaying subsymbols, etc.

Hope this helps.

All the best,