Instant World Tracking very unstable

Hi, I am working on a world tracking AR experience and facing a lot of tracking instability. I have attached a video for reference. Whenever I move my camera away from the AR object, the object seems to move further away from the camera, eventually disappearing. I have tested this on several devices and the issue remains. Is there something I am missing?
The attached video is from iPhone 12.

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Hi @bikram.someone ,

Instant Tracking works best when the anchor point in the world used to initially place the content remains in the camera view throughout the experience - it’s great for things like placing characters in a photo feature and simple visualization of 3D objects for example. So any excessive motion will destabilize the experience. Experiences that involve the user looking away from the initial placement point are not well-suited to our initial implementation of Instant Tracking.

Instant Tracking also aims to maintain relative scale and position as the user moves but does not know the absolute scale of the world. Using “relative scale” is a key reason Instant Tracking can offer instant and stable placement before any device motion, but means it is not suitable for experiences where correct real-world scale is a critical part of the experience.

For more information on Instant world tracking please refer to this forum post.

Hope this helps.


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Another thing that I’d like to add in addition to what @dapo.ajisafe said, is that Unity itself is extremely slow for web experiences. It’s effectively unusable for AR, even if you use the universal render pipeline, which increases the performance a bit.

What I’ve been using instead is PlayCanvas. It’s a lot harder to work with, specially if you come from Studio or Unity, because it doesn’t have a timeline editor and many other features that comes from Studio/Unity out of the box, but performance and stability are stellar.

If you care, I’d recommend giving a thumbs up and a comment to this PlayCanvas feature request. PlayCanvas has an awesome editor, but it lacks the timeline feature which I think is essential for increased productivity.