Instant Tracking with hotspots



I tried the sample Instant Tracking project.

But I wanted to have it with some hotspots. I manually added a hotspot under amphora symbol definition. The problem here is when I try touching the hotspot, the amphora model changing its position to the touch position and I am unable to tap on the hotspot. How do I overcome this?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !


Also would like to know this. Guidance appreciated :pray:


Hope this you both.
The reason you where having problems is you need to turn off the hotspotPlane after it is placed. I have added code to do this and added a hotspot.
If you are going to need to replace the instant tracing location you will want to add a button that turns back on the hotspotPlane.

Instant Tracking Forum Demo WIth Hotspot.zpp (4.3 MB)


Thank you!! Very helpful! :smiley:


You are very welcome.



Running this with Zappar on my android phone (via Studio) gives me this error:

My version of Zappar was last updated Aug 29, 2019 (according to the Google Play store), and there doesn’t seem to be a newer version available. What are all of you using to view this?
And when I try Zappar Desktop I get a similar error:

I am using the v6.5.11-stable (“Florence”) version of Zapworks Studio.

EDIT: Nevermind; I just needed to read the instant tracking post more thoroughly. This is beta-level stuff, and requires pre-release versions.

  1. Navigate in your cell-phone browser to
  2. Use THIS scanner to scan these projects.