Instant Tracking subsymbol fails to load in webAR

Hello everyone ! I downloaded the InstantTracking.zpp subsymbol and implemented it in an empty project with a simple Plane-Object placed below the “Ground” AttachmentPoint. But when I publish the project and scan the QRCode, the “Unlock” animation plays and then gets stuck at the end.

Here is the project I’m trying to publish allthough it really is nothing but an empty project with the Instant Tracking subsymbol:

Instant Tracking Template.zpp (827.4 KB)

I would very much appreciate it if you could help me understand what I did wrong !
Thanks in advance !

Hi, your zpp file works fine…
I’ve tested and it works…

Hi @purplereality,

It looks like you may be launching your experience in For now, projects developed with the Instant Tracking implementation should be viewed in a Lite Branded Distribution or via or :globe_with_meridians:

If you do not have a Lite Branded Distribution, simply go to or in your web browser first and then scan your project’s code.

All the best,
Francesca :blush: