Instant tracking AND image tracking for initial anchor?

Hi everyone!
I’m back with what I can imagine being a tricky subject.
My question is first of all whether it’s possible to use image tracking and instant tracking in the same project using Universal AR.
My intention is to position a 3d object initially using an image as a tracker to then switch to instant tracking IF the user loses the tracking: the position of the 3d object would need to stay the same as it was on the tracked image anchor and I imagine this to be the tricky part.
Do we have control over where the instant tracker initially puts our object?
Thanks a lor


I just asked Simon almost this same question.
Zappar has an Extended Tracking but it uses the world tracking that doesn’t work in WebAR.
I would like to use it but with instant tracking for my WebAR.



Hi did either of you ever manage to accomplish this? I am looking to do the exact same thing, using an image target to begin tracking then switch over to instant tracking to keep the 3D objects in the same space, I’ve run a few tests in Unity using Universal AR, I feel like I’m going down the right path but still haven’t found a solid solution.

Hi, I’m looking to anchor my instant tracking experience from an image initially. Has anyone figured out how to do this?

Hi @tsamba!

I suspect that while it’s probably possibly to trigger a switch over to instant tracking, it probably won’t work the way we’d want, at least in WebAR at the moment: I’m guessing here, but I’d imagine you can’t have instant- and image-tracking running simultaneously as it’d eat the device’s CPU. At least until the tracker code is unified across tracking methods. So while you could use a not_seen event handler to switch on instant tracking, and you may be able to use a bit of clever transform voodoo (and educated guesses if you know something about how the original tracked image was likely to be positioned [ie if it was likely to be a poster on a wall] and its real world size) to carry the relative position of your tracked group over to the new tracker, it’s unlikely to line up very well.

Instant tracking in WebAR is in a state of flux at the moment, anyway: the first public implementation was surprisingly good (I’m having a lot of fun with it as we speak) but the new World Tracking is just round the corner. Simon’s public test of it is only available in Universal AR only at the mo, rather than Studio. I’ve not managed to get as solid a track from it as Instant tracking, but that’s probably just a matter of time. The one thing it does do better is maintain a viable track even when the camera’s moved quite some way from the initial acquisition POV.

If I get time, I’ll try and have a play with switching between image and instant trackers: if nothing else, it’d be useful to know what the limits are.

Could be useful to know: what’s your use case? What are you imagining you’d be able to do? Is it just about being able to let the user move the camera completely away from the original tracked image? Making sure “Use Gyro” is switched on on the image tracker certainly helps with that - if you disable the bit of code that hides your scene when the tracker is “not_seen” you’ll find Zap does a reasonably job of maintaining a sort-of track even when the image is gone.

@howiemnet Thank you so much for the quick response and awesome information. I’m a bit new but I’ll try and see what I can do.

I really just need the extended tracking experience in webAR so I was going to see if there was a workaround. For what I needed image tracking would be ideal if I could move away from the image. right now I get a lot of shaking and it freezes. I’ll try your trick with disabling the not_seen code.

Thank you again.