Insert Video in ZapWorks Studio


Hi all - I have searched he forum but haven’t seen an answer to this one. Apologies if it’s obvious - I’m a newbie.
I am trying to insert a video to autoplay when scanning a business card. But every time I place the video in the hierarchy, under root - or wherever, it simply paces a checkerboard block in the top right section of the screen - and nothing I do seems to work to have it placed on the face of the card - or to play.
Please Help! :smiley:


Audio and video are not like images you can just drop in. You need to tell zappar what to do with it. Your best thing to do would be to add the video player sub symbol. It will give you all the video player tools you need.



Thanks so much for the response. I am still battling - I went through the tutorial “Streaming video in 3D” and managed to get that working - yay! :sweat_smile:

However, when I try and change just the video to one of my own - using a YouTube link, it doesn’t show - just an error symbol.
Also, am I able to link it to a video in my own Dropbox folder?

Tx - and apologies for the questions - trying to learn, but not finding the tutorials to be detailed enough :frowning:


OK - Got the video working - :smiley: Tx again for your help


fyi - You can not use YouTube or vine videos. They have to be local in the zap or hosted with a full address name (
To work. If hosted and using WebAR you have to set up you CORS on your site.



Awesome - thanks so much …


Hi Carl, how did you get the Dropbox video to work. I am using the Streaming video in 3D, but when I put in my Dropbox video shareable link there, it doesn’t work.