In-app title & icon



Not sure if this is anything to do with the recent changes to Zap Works but I can no longer change the In-app title or upload an icon for a project using Designer. The title initially changes but then just reverts back to it’s original title.

The icon upload is just constantly spinning and doesn’t upload anything. This was working fine a couple of weeks ago



Same problem here. Hoping for a quick fix.


@PaulB and @Karto
Yea looks like the update broke the icon upload.
But to change the name go to the top dark blue bar and you can change it there.

Ps. @George, @Seb


Thank you for reporting this @PaulB and @Karto

Looks like our recent update has broken the in-app title and icon. Our platform team are currently looking into this and should hopefully have a fix imminently.

I’ll let you know on this thread when the in-app title and icon is working correctly again.



We have now updated and the in-app title and icon should now change as expected.

Thanks again - @PaulB, @Karto and @stevesanerd



Title and icon upload is now working great, thanks