Improve tracking image?


How to improve the tracking image (the image you train)

Im trying to track a 3D model to it’s round packaging. (extruded cylinder, looks like a thick pancake) It’s quite simple graphics on it so not that much data, but it quite high contrast so it should work it feels like at least. But the 3D model is jumping around a lot.

The image im training,. Is it better to crop out part of the packaging and traing that instead of the whole thing? should make the contast higher in the photo, or how can i improve that to make it easier for the program?


Hi @peter,

In general we don’t recommend tracking from curved surfaces, as this causes parts of the tracking image to be obscured when scanned through the Zappar app, resulting in poor tracking quality.

If you must track from a curved surface however, the best thing is to try and reduce the portion of the tracking image that is curved around the surface.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions please let me know.

All the best,