Imposible login Sketchfab from Zapworks Studio

I’m trying to login on sketchfab but I can’t

On Sketchfab web I can login without problem…

Help, please.

Hi there,

I’d recommend you try to sign in to your Sketchfab account via ‘Google’ click sign-on found at the bottom of the login page. If you haven’t used it to log in to Sketchfab, I’d recommend you log out of Sketchfab on the web, log in using your password, then ensure that you’ve entered the correct password in the Sketchfab login window in Studio.


When I try to sign in from ‘Google’

Google Single Sign-On hasn’t been working to connect to studio, in general much less Sketchfab.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for highlighting these issues, I’m so sorry that you’re still having problems. We’ve previously reported these issues to the team but I will push it after posting this message.

Hopefully we can get this sorted out for you soon.

Have a lovely day,
Francesca :blush:

I haven’t been able to sign in to sketchfab either, i have the same issue as above.


Do you have a solution because I have the same problem ?


No solution yet… :frowning:

Hi all!

This is something we are in the process of fixing. We will let you know when Studio is updated and SketchFab fixed. In the meantime, you can log into SketchFab online and download the models from there. Then following the importing steps, import them into your Studio project.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Any news on this?
It’s been more than one year and I still cannot login with Sketchfab.