Importing three.js and components



I am wanting to bring in a volumetric scan into my ZapWork Studio scene. This is something which can be typically imported into a web browser quite easily using a simple javascript three.js package:

Would it be possible to import three.js and this component into a Zappar project, and if so, at a high level, how would one go about this? I can see that its possible via the SDK to go the other way and import Zappar AR funcionality into a three.js scene, but I am wanting to stay in Studio since I want to be able to combine the dephtkit volumetric with all the other great stuff I can build easily in that software.

8thWall currently can do this, as can be seen here:

Or similarly, it can be done for A-Frame.


ZapWorks Studio is based on our own engine, so isn’t compatible with plugins for three.js. It currently doesn’t include any support for volumetric formats.

As you mention, our Universal AR for Three.js SDK is the way to combine our tracking with three.js rendering, and that should be compatible with any Three.js volumetric solution.


Thanks Simon. Disappointing but understood. It would be great to get input into ZapWorks, that would really set you apart from other solutions. Volumetric is in increasingly high demand now, don’t get left behind! :slight_smile: