Importing FBX with anim getting Unable to Complete


I have a blender file with multiple objects and an animation. I exported it as an FBX and tried importing it into Zapworks however I keep gettng “Unable to Complete” messages with empty error messages.

I also get a window pop up “Oops-a-Daisy” with the techinical details: [object Object] : 0

I would show you a picture of the messages but this post is giving me: “Undefined Method etag= for #” when trying to attach an image.



Hi @brathgeber,

We have replied to your email sent to directly but will post the response here in case it benefits other users in the future.

"Could I ask you to double check that your model adheres to Studio’s 3D requirements? If it does, could you then check if the model was exported using the export settings from our Exporting 3D Models documentation?

Could you also please send through your 3D model (including textures) for us to take a closer look at?"

Furthermore in the direct email you explain that an ‘Out of memory’ error appears.This usually happens when a 3D model is too large a file size or contains too many polygons (recommend under 100k). All of this information can be found in the above link to 3D requirements.

Hope this helps.