Importing FBX from blender breaks animation

I have a problem, when i export FBX from Blender (2.8+) floowing the guidelines i see in any 3d viewer that animation is fine, but when i import FBX in zapstudio my animation there is totally broken, seems like zappar reads the rig incorrect or something like that

Anyone has that issue?
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I got the same problem as mentioned above (model breaks completely with animations, only one empty plane is displayed). Did you or someone else find the solution?

Thanks in advance

Hi @berzontax,

If possible, could you share the model files so we can take a look?


Hello @George,

here is the link to the .FBX file: PizzaQuarter.fbx - Google Drive

Do you need the blender file as well?

Thanks in advance!


Still need help, please

Hi @berzontax,

Sorry for the late response.

This model is pretty huge (1 million polys). We recommend keeping the scene polygon count below 100k, so this model is 10x the recommended limit.

I’d recommend having a look at our 3D model documentation, more importantly - Exporting, Importing and Supported Formats and Requirements. I’d also take a look at our optimizing documentation, found here.