Importing 3D Model


Hi, I am trying to import a OBJ file + MTL from Google Poly (no textures available), but I don’t see anything. Is there a way to convert this into a different format so that it works on Zapworks? Please help thank you!! this is what I am trying to import: is there a way to change the format into FBX + png textures? :’( or am I doing something wrong? I dragged both OBJ and MTL at the same time and put it in hierarchy. I saw nothing appear the whole time : (


I posted to the other feed about this for you. I posted a zpp file with a working file and a zpp file with just the working model. This model uses materials and one image for the guitar brand logo. I have a fbx file and blender made. Let me know if you still need it. Your model is very big. I had to scale its size down just to see it in Zappar.



Steve! Thank you so much! I have a number of other files like this that I made on Tinkercad. I don’t have Blender—is it free? Would you be so kind to tell me how to do this conversion?


Yes Blender is free. Blender web site
If you post the files I can take a look at them.
As for how to do the conversion it’s had to say with out seeing the models.



Hi Steve, all of my models that I am using have a OBJ + MTL file like that guitar. This is another example:


Ok I downloaded the files and I had to load this one in 3ds Max 2018 then export it to a pod file.
Here is the zpp file from before with the boombox added.

Washburn Guitar Help W Boombox.zpp (1.2 MB)