Implement record mode for timeline


Record Mode

Currently in ZapWorks Studio, the properties one wants to animate need to be manually added to the timeline first. The record mode from Unity eliminates that step: once you click on record, a keyframe will be automatically added to the current time for any property you change.

I just thought that it would be a nice QoL feature.


Hi @marks,

Thank you for this feature request! We love it when our users get in touch and work with us to make our tools better!

We have noted this as a request and will look into whether this is something we will add into Studio.

Our timeline flow does work in a similar way. I.e - once the property has been manually added, each time it is edited a new keyframe will appear. But that first step of manually adding would be removed with the ‘record mode’ enabled feature which could be great. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!