Images show in App not shown in WebAR


I am working on a app using Studio, when I have set the skin of the backgrounds of the Circle buttons in the 2D Photo Feature the images appear in the Zappar App but are missing if opened in WebAR.

Also as a side note when viewed in WebAR the close button also shows as a square with no transparency for the button.


Zappar App:


Wow This something new to me. The buttons are there because I can click on them. Maybe something about the order in the hierarchy? Maybe a bug in the webar? Not sure.
Would have to see code to help more or you can email the guys at

Fyi I can see thru the X (close button on the webar but it looks like there’s a block behind it on the zappar app.



I have sent an email to hopefully they can advise, but if anyone has and Ideas I am happy to try them


I have tracked down the problem in the template they set the theme colour using:

Z.device.themeColor([0.4, 0.9, 0.7]);

if you look closely you will notice there is no alpha channel specified. it apparently then defaults to 0.

changed it to all 1’s

Z.device.themeColor([1, 1, 1, 1]);

which fixed the problem.

apparently the WebAR and App implement the lack of an Alpha channel differently


Hi @george.schweizer,

We’ve replied to your email, but just wanted to let others who might see the thread know that we’ll be looking at updating the subsymbol template in a future Studio update.

Thanks for taking the time to report and investigate this George.

All the best,