Image Tracking via Deep Link - Why Not?


When logged into my account, a deep link trigger is described as…

Deep link
Deep links allows users to launch an experience without first having to scan a zapcode. Useful for non-imaged tracked experiences launched from an app or mobile web.

I don’t understand why a deep link can’t be used with image tracking (or why it’s not recommended). Isn’t it simply an alternative to scanning a QR or Zap code? Why wouldn’t image tracking work?

Can someone clarify?

Thanks much.


Hi shot,

General use cases for Deep Links, such as sharing AR experiences through social media or emails, often means that users who are taken to an AR experience will not have the tracking image in front of them. I’d recommend you take a look at the following experiences below as good examples of Deep Linked AR content:

Deep Links can be used as an alternative to telling users to scan a code, however, this is generally not recommended. Telling users to download the Zappar app to scan a zapcode can be done with an effective Call To Action, whereas users can scan a QR code using their default camera app.

In the case that a deep link launches in Zappar WebAR, the following behavior occurs:

  • The user will be redirected to the WebAR page and is prompted to allow the permissions needed to experience AR content.

In the case that a deep link launches the Zappar app but the user does not have the Zappar app installed on their device, the following behavior occurs:

  • If the device supports Zappar but it is not installed the user will be directed to their app store to install Zappar.
  • If the device does not support Zappar a message will be displayed listing device compatibility.

Hope this helps,