Image Tracking Smoothing


Hello AR Devs!

I am curious if there is a method to smooth, or lerp the translation data coming from the image tracking? I am experimenting with large poster sized images for tracking and large assets.

The current tracking is a little jittery.



Hi Vince,

Warm greetings! I have the same problems as well. Have you found a solution?

Thanks, and have a great day ahead!




Also having the same problem with getting the content to sit smoothly, especially on iPads.
Was there a resolution or can you access a script event for when the device moves or rotates?
We can then try and manual tweak this.




Hi @grant.ireland,

If you’re experiencing jitter this will be due to the tracking image itself. I’d recommend checking out our video which explains a few things to keep in mind when designing your target image.

Hope this helps.

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Hi seb,

Video link is broken


Hi! here is