Image Tracking on Non-flat surfaces (e.g. Bottle)


Hi everyone.

I was wondering if someone could help me out here.

I’m pretty new to using Zapworks, and I’m exploring using Image Tracking to develop an AR experience from a Wine Bottle label.

However, the issue is that, while tracking technically works, it’s not really ideal, any suggestions on how to optimize things for a scenario like this?

I’ve seen examples of the tracking working very well on surfaces like bottles using Zapworks, so it must be achievable.

Any help would be really appreciated!



Hi Brandon,

So long as the label on the bottle adheres to our tracking image best practices, content can track to a curved surface effectively.

The main problem which accompanies tracking to a curved surface is that the user having to keep steady and ensure that they’re holding their phone from the correct and appropriate angle. Reflective surfaces can interfere with tracking performance, and as such, can cause visual glitches which breaks the immersion of your AR experience.

So long as you use a label on your bottle as a tracking image, ensure the label is not reflective, adheres to tracking image best practice and you’ve done a lot of testing, you should be okay. Remember that flat surfaces are always preferred.

Otherwise, a safer option is to make AR content for your bottle based on world/ face tracking instead of image tracking to immerse the user; here’s an example.

Hope this helps,