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Hi! Can i use an image tracker without your ZapCode on it? I have an actual project now which i want to build with a WebAr platform but i really need to use only my image without your code cause this image will be a part of our merch (t-shirts, bags, etc.)


Well yes and no. If you want no zapcode at all you can talk to the Zappar guys and set up a custom app with SDK. But that will cost you a lot.

Or you can place the zapcode on say a tag that’s attached to the item.



Hi @y.v.sahon and thanks @stevesanerd!

There’s a few ways you can go with this -

  1. Have a zapcode on the merch, which when scanned, launches the experience and tracks to the desired target image. It would also be best practice to have a call to action letting the user know that it contains AR content. This sounds like it isn’t the solution for your project due to having the zapcode printed on the merch. You can hide a zapcode in your design, which might overcome this. Here’s a few examples of that -


  1. Similar to the above but instead use a QR code. QR codes are more widely recognised than zapcodes and although we would still recommend adding a call to action, it’s not as important. Again when scanned, the QR code would launch into either WebAR or the Zappar app and the experience would load.

  2. Get the user to scan a zapcode or QR code (trigger) before looking at the merch. In the past we have seen triggers added to things like clothing tags with a call to action telling the user to scan and then look at the image of the merch that the experience will track to. You can also add something called a ‘look for’ prompt to let the user know that they must look at the image for the content to appear.

  3. Use the image as the trigger. Just as Steve explained, you can use the actual image as the trigger, so no need for a QR or zapcode. This does require a custom WebAR page and the cost that comes with that. If you are interested in this or more information, I’d recommend getting in contact with

Let me know if you would like me to clarify how any of these techniques work.

Hope this helps.