Image on zapbox app jumping about


Calibrated and scaned the map, the golf game just jumps around on the screen and is not possible to play or interact also very small. What can I do to change this. Also are there any other apps or is it just the golf game?


Hi @roymford

Sorry you’re having issues. What device are you using?

It sounds like your calibration is not correct. Can you try building a map without using the lens adapter (and with the lens option on the main menu set to “off”)?

Assuming that works better, that indicates the lens calibration is a bit off. There’s more setup tips over at - it’s worth watching the video through, and especially the section about calibration. Make sure you have grid points as far into the corners as possible during the first frames, and ensure you view the grid from a significant side-on angle for the last two steps.

After calibration completes, you can go into “Build Map” or “Scan Zapcode” mode to view the camera image, which should now be undistorted when it’s rendered. That means straight lines in the world should appear straight again; so you can look back at the grid in that mode and see how straight the lines are. If they’re not straight, then try calibrating again.

We’re working on the calibration UI now to provide better guidance and ensure users view the grid in the best possible way to provide a good calibration.

Hope that helps, and interested to hear how you get on.



Will try that, i have samsung s7 edge ( and a s5 so might try that as well - thats the phone i will use with the students mainly)
will try it again on Monday ( took it to the classroom) and let you know.

Thanks for the answer



I tried without the lens and the same thing is happening. the image is jumping, inverting and changing size all over the place.
any further advice?



ignore me, user error. forgot everytime i set it up i have to build a map…doh