If statment with and logic!


I want to create small experience for kids.
Will give the user the words CAT for example.
With 3 plans, each plan will be latter, and each latter will be button.
But will but the latters in wrong arrangement.
And the usrr should arrange thos latters with pointer down event.
And under those plans will have other 3 plans with the latters of CAT.
And for those latters will create statments.
Hide all latters, show C, show A, show T.

Once the user will click on the first button for example on C button we created first.
To do checking,
If ( symbol.nodes.C.visible( flase)
{ activate the statment of to be visible
And if the yser will click on A button
Then will check
if (symbol.nodes.C.visible(true) && symbol.nodes.A.visible ( false))
{ activate the statment the will show thw C latter and B latter
Something like thia?
I am in correct path?
Can i use if statment with symbol.nodes?
How to type and in the if checker?

Please advise me.

Best regards.
Thank you all.


Hi eliaskhs,

Am I correct in thinking that you would like three planes, placed on the screen, each with a letter assigned (C, A and T). These letters will then be positioned in the wrong order, turned invisible and the user must touch them in the correct order to spell out the word ‘CAT’?

You will need to check whether the correct planes are touched in order. You can check a planes visibility property by adding an if statement, for example in the T plane pointer down script you can add -

If(C.visible() && A.visible()){
//Reset function

The reset function will include turning all planes back to invisible.

Hope this helps.