I'd like to purchase a seat - it says my email already exists


Hello there!

I am trying to purchase a seat using my work email address, but it says my password for that email address is incorrect. I am still waiting for the “reset password” email to arrive. Please advise. I’d like to buy a seat asap! Email in question is Reena.Deklotz@T-Mobile.com


I don’t think you will get a reply till monday. They are in london and it’s after 5 on a friday.
I would use a new email address if you need it now or you can send this to support@zappar.com Maybe someone will reply.



Hi Reena, and thanks for the help, Steve :slight_smile:

We can take a look at your issue if you contact us at support@zappar.com. We recommend that you whitelist the email address hello@zappar.com, and be sure to check your spam/ junk folders for any emails.

In the meantime, I’ve manually verified the users under your email domain who’ve not had their email addresses verified by ZapWorks.

Hope to see you on the support side,