I don't want to use a tracking image

In the previous version of Designer (not Designer Beta but the legacy one) you used to be able to create a project without a tracking image. This was great because I could create an experience which was started with a zappar code (now using qr codes) but then the user didn’t have to keep their phone/tablet pointed at the image. The new version of Designer doesn’t seem to allow me to do this.

How can I create a project now that does not need a tracking image in order for it to work? Do I have to create it in Zapworks studio?

Thanks in advance anyone who can help me answer this question.

I assume that this isn’t possible. Perhaps I need to research further. If anyone else has experience of this I would appreciate to hear what you did. Thanks

Hi Tash,

It sounds like you’re describing the “grab and go” feature. This isn’t currently in Designer (Beta) but is a feature on our future roadmap.

In the meantime, you can use ZapWorks Studio’s target events. Target events can be used to achieve functionality similar to Designer’s “grab and go” feature by changing the Relative To property of content within the target group. You can find out more here - Studio | Image Tracking.

Alternatively, Designer (Legacy) is still active and can be used.


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Hi George, Thanks very much for your reply that’s got me on the right track. Much appreciated. Thanks.