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Hi there,

you certainly know these label marketing apps for wine labels, such as i.e. this one on
I just wondered how to proceed in general terms: what kind of video can be embedded, how can I embed it etc.

Has anyone ever realised such a project so far?

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It’s really no different than any other image tracked project.
You would use the bottle neck tag for the scan code. Then use the image on the bottle as your tracking image. From there whatever you would like.

Do you have an Idea your looking to make?



Hi Steve, thanks for your answer - do you ever sleep or are you always on duty?:slight_smile:
Well, I thought about trying something like the youtube sample I quoted. The bottle kind of masks the animation film behind. Please have a look if you want to…



Don’t tell everyone :wink:

So the flowers and animation can be 2d images or 3d models tracked to the image on the bottle. Not a real mask. Remember with timelines you can move things around and make it look like a video. The buttons are on top and the videos are just relative to screen.



Thanks, Steve, I thought that would be a video tracked to the bottle label and wondered how to make it disappear behind the bottle.
Will try some features with a test app…