How to view image through transparent window in world tracked model



I’m using the world tracking template and wish to view a 2d image through the transparent window of a car however I cannot find any combination of Layer Mode, Reorder Meshes and Render Sorted that work for this case.

The documentation shows a working example of this however only seems to work for objects relative to the camera:

I’ve attached an example project and screenshot any help would be appreciated!

Example project:
World Tracking Transparency.zpp (9.3 MB)


I tried to play with it a bit and it looks like it only works on the model itself.
I even tried to add it to the car model and I added a new 3d model.

Let me know if you get it to work.



Hi @shan,

Thanks for your question.

The position of nodes in the Hierarchy also has an effect on the render order. Please try dragging the billboard and bolt nodes above the toon car. You should see something similar to the image below:

Hope this helps.



That works George! I should have tried it lol



Hi @George thanks for the support but unfortunately that still does not work for me is there some other setting you changed? I had actually already tried that on the exact linked project and I end up with this:

Where the 100% opacity parts of the car overlap the bolt.

The other setting I changed to get the same as you was changing the bolt image to “full_3d” rather than “test_3d”. However it has the strange effect of creating a “square” around the bolt where the car is not rendered at all:

and if I look closely at your screenshot I can see the same. So it seems it’s actually not possible perhaps?


I got!!
You have to check the render sort.

World Tracking Transparency FIX.zpp (9.3 MB)



Maybe not… then you can’t see it thru the glass. :blush:



When you test your setup with the block around the bolt you can see thru the car.



So the workaround we ended up using was to create a 3d model of the circle (cylinder mesh without any depth) and apply the texture to it. 3D models without transparancy render correctly.


Can you post a photo of what it looks like?



Sure, I tested this out using just any other 3d model inside the model with a transparent window:

Gives you the idea as we didn’t actually model the bolt circle but something for the real project.