How to use QR code instead of Zapcode in Zapstudios



Does anyone know if I need to use a zapcode to use Zap Studios or can I change it to a normal QR code like the normal Zapworks project center?

Also, does anyone have any tutorials on how to track torsos? I have seen a lot of tutorials on face tracking but I am trying to create a filter that lets you wear tshirts and change tshirts so I would need something to track your torso. I couldn’t figure out how so instead I’ve been using a drag and drop sticker for people to put the shirts on themselves but I’d be interested in learning on how to use tracking for it instead if there is any kind of information on it.

Thanks in advance for your help


You can use the QR code, but I’d only recommend it if you have no intentions of using the Zappar app. To make the QR code, just go to the “Triggers” section in the project page on and generate a QR code that way. This will only take you to the WebAR version of your experience, though. Not sure how much that will matter to you, but I personally never use the Zapcodes since I pretty much exclusively do WebAR projects.

Torso/Body tracking is not currently available within zapworks. There is only face, world/instant world, and image tracking.
Not sure if the team has plans to implement it any time soon. @simon @George Any insights?


Side note I have see people use a Zapcode /QR code on a shirt and track that for things.
Just a thought.



Thank you so much for your insight! I really appreciate it.