How to turn on flashlight?

I’m working on a webAR project on zapworks studio and our user environment has poor lighting and I will like to turn on the flash light in order to improve the image recognition.
Thanks for any help!

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Hi @mlavinb,

I believe I responded to your query via our support channel, but I thought it’d be great to make it clear here too!

As it stands, we are currently unable to turn the flashlight on or off in Studio-made experiences. This is because we cannot get these external device functions due to browser constraints - unfortunately we are restricted here.

You might be able to get away with something like this using one of our Universal AR SDKs if you are confident enough in one of our supported libraries, however, from my research online it seems that accessing this hardware from browsers can be hit and miss regardless!

Have a lovely day,
Francesca :blush:

Hi Francesca, your explanation is very clear to me. Thank you.
I was also looking for alternative information and yes it can be done but its behavior will be unstable and it will not work on all devices.

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That’s a one of the options, I guess it’s better if it will work at least for some devices.