How to trigger the audio after the image target is detected


hi, when I used to scan the image, a 3d model gets trigger at the same time my audio should get trigger too, when I disabled image target my 3d object also gets disappear and my audio should work on the same way, thank you


Hi @vinod,

Target images emit seen and notseen events when the image enters and exits the camera view.

If you set up event handlers for these events in a script, you can call the start and pause functions on your audio node when the target image is seen and notseen, respectively.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


thank you so much it’s working @Seb


Is, there any way to delay audio for some fractions of seconds like 5 sec, thank you


Hi @vinod,

You could use Z.after(…) or Timeline Labels to start a function at a specific time.

Z.after runs a function after a specified time (in msilliseconds) has passed. This may occur some number of ms beyond the specified interval due to variable frame times, so is not always accurate.

To get a more accurate time, you could use a label along a timeline.

Hope this helps.