How to support phones that don't have safari as a web browser


My brother who has a 3 Prism 2 as a phone, doesn’t have safari as a browser as obviously it’s not an iPhone and since whenever I scan a code it goes through safari as I’m guessing Safari is the only browser which supports AR content and WebAR how do I cater towards phones like his, or is there a way of showing those people something else instead as a default case like lets say HTML has with no script tags is there a way of doing the very same thing with AR content and / or Zapworks Studio?
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It looks like its an android you can use Chrome for WebAR.



Hi Adam,

@stevesanerd is right; I’d recommend you take a look at our WebAR and App platforms article and Project Triggers article. Zappar WebAR is supported on Google Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS.

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