How to replace tracking image after scene in created


Hello, I have a question about replacing tracking image. I have completed a complex scene, but I need to replace the tracking image because it went through a couple of cosmetic changes and now Zappar can’t see it properly.

After adding a second tracking image and adding it to the root - Zappar won’t recognize the second image. Even after disabling tracking for the original image and moving all files to the new tracking image it won’t work.

It’s extremely frustrating because now the only solution that seems to work is writing down all measurements for each object and create a brand new project and do everything from the scratch. Sometimes it takes hours.


For those who wonder. I have figured it out. You just need to save and "train new image: with the exactly the same name, in this case studio will automatically replace it.


I Reply to this message because I found myself several times in this kind of situation with Zapworks Studio, and that might help new peoples (before they improve the thing with a better “design logic”)

What you need to do is:

1: Select your target image in the Hierarchy
2: Go to Properties -> “Source”, select another imported source “targetname.zpt” (listed from Media Library)
3: Click on your project name at the top to “refresh” the project (?).

Now the the result is the names in the Hierarchy is not updated, so it doesn’t match with the file but it’s possible to edit it… and it’s faster than erasing all and starting again.

I hope this simple task could be fixed with an easy “Replace file” entry in the hierarchy menu…


thanks for sharing! you just saved me some stress.


Glad to help.

Hope this will be more clear in next version because I see a lot of people stressing to do such a simple task.