How to Preview AR experiences in WebAR without Zap codes



How can users in Studio preview the project in web browsers without downloading any apps?


Ok, so this is answered now… just choose QR Code in the studio settings via the web browser.


Hi @randall,

Thanks so much for your question - it looks like your support ticket was answered, but I did just want to hop over here and give an extra tip!

This will be helpful for those who want to test their experience in the web without having to publish to their project and then scan their QR code every time they wanted to see a change.

You can actually preview your experience as you normally would within Studio, and when the Zapcode is presented to you, scan it with from your mobile device. This is our online scanning platform, which allows you to scan Zapcodes or QR codes.

Hopefully that’s useful!

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush: