How to play Alpha Video on image tracking

Hi, I need to run Alpha Video on image Tracking using Image tracking Concept, Thank you

Hi there,

You can check the guide here for more info on what alpha video codec is supported in Designer (FLV encoded in VP6 with alpha) and how to get previous versions of Premiere up and running, and here for the Studio documentation.

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Thank you bob, I’ll check about it.

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Hi Bob,
Could it be that the tutorial is outdated? I seem to be unable to replicate it. For one the coding in my Studio looks completely different from what it says in this tutorial, and scaling of the snapshot doesn’t seem to work…


THANK YOU, BOB :smile:

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Hi @roberto,

The Studio alpha video implementation shown in the Studio documentation is correct, and is still valid for our current stable build of Studio.

If you could please provide some further details regarding your issue, and provide some screenshots, we can look into this for you.

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Hi @Seb,

Thank you for your reply, I’ll make sure to come back with details and screenshots regarding our issue asap.


My alpha video is playing early. It tracks to the trainer image, but play automatically. Help needed.
Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 4.29.40 PM

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Hi @keith_pace,

It looks like you may have solved this here:

Just thought I’d share in case this was helpful to anybody!

Have a great day! :blush: