How to place a video on photoshpere


has anyone had success in playing a video on a photosphere but not the streaming type but one that is gotten from within your project.


Hey larnell3274,

You can do that.
Let me know where you are facing problem.



thanks for your response, here is the issue,when I look in the object-materials it only allows an image where and how do I put a mp4 video on it? Or do I have to write a script and run it from there?


Hey @larnell32724,

Videos must be in the Hierarchy for them to be assignable to the material property of a photosphere. This is slightly different to images, which can sit in the Media Library.

Once assigned, within a script, you can call the.start function on the video when you want it to play.

Here’s an example that should help: 360 Video Example.zpp (9.6 MB)



Thank you George I will look at this right away