How to pause a video from the "Video player" symbol when not pointing the camera at the target image?


Hello !

I’m using Zapworks studios to create a brithday video after scanning a QR code on a birthday card( Target image).

So far I’m able to play a test video perfectly well and everything runs smoothly but when I point the camera away from the target image while the video is playing it does not stop and continues to play the video file. I want to know how I can code for the video file to stop playing or pause when it doesnt detect the target image and resume playing when it detects the target image again.

Right now I’ve used the code from this forum post :
Coding for not seen to start rescan

It resets the video when not looking at the target image .
Only problem with this is that once it starts rescanning it doesn’t detect my QR code anymore and it just gets stuck loading.

Any help will be much appreciated !