How to optimize AR for better UX


When you’re fully invested in creating your next AR masterpiece, it can sometimes be difficult to see beyond your own vision. After all, when a project is carrying your name, you want it to look and behave in the manner you’ve always imagined - that’s why you tweak, iterate...and end up putting on another pot of coffee.

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Thanks for your useful articles.:hibiscus::+1:t2:


This is great! Well done to all the team that was involved :+1::ok_hand:


You’re so welcome, really glad you found it useful :smiley:!


Loved the article! Will have to use the new tools!

I do have a questions?
PEZ | DC SuperHero Girls video:
At the end you show that some are locked till you scan them. Then you show it scanning the next one. Is each one it’s own app under it’s own scan code? Or is it one app? How are you linking or saving the ones scanned? I would like to do something like that but thought we couldn’t share data across scan codes.

Yorkshire Tree experience:
At the end of the video you have the photo op. My question is the video of the tree at the end. what did you use to make the recording of the tree growing?



Hi Steve, much appreciated, super glad you enjoyed it! I’m chatting to Chris and other members of the creative team to try and find out for you :slight_smile:!


Hi Steve!

Right, for the end part of the Yorkshire Tree experience - the photo op at the end is based on taking an animation of the tree model and then adding that into a modified version of the 3D photo feature template in Studio (enabling you to create an object which users can manipulate and position in 3D space).

On the PEZ - DC Super Hero Girls video, that’s very well spotted - it’s actually based on a technique that we’re doing some ongoing work on, so it’s pretty in depth! But I’ll send you a DM with some further details!


Hi James
I want to know is there a list of mobile devices for checking of Zappar projects’ for UI/UX ?


Hi! I’ve got in contact with our QA team today regarding this, so they’re going to put together an example list of devices for you :slight_smile:. Soon as I’ve got it, I’ll be in touch.


Thank you so much :pray:


Hi @seyed.kamali ! I’ve just been speaking with our QA Team and they’ve provided me with the full list of devices that they test on, in terms of UI/UX:

High End:
Samsung S9
Samsung S8
Huawei Mate Pro
Google Pixel
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 7

Samsung S6
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6
iPod Touch 6
Sony Xperia XZ

Samsung Galaxy S5
LG Nexus 5X
Motorola Moto G4
Xiaomi Redmi4X
iPhone 4
iPhone 5C
iPhone 4S

Of course, this is a very large list and is necessary for when our HQ Creative Team are working on AR experiences that are going to be released over large territories, so they need to be optimized to perform on a very wide range of potential devices! But as the article says, even a small mix of devices from iOS and Android (perhaps even a couple from each category above) is a really good start.


Hi James
Thank you so much for your guidance.


Always welcome! :pray:.