How to keep content as light as possible in ZapWorks Studio


Hi everyone,

I have been making something similar to this tutorial:

As a result, the content I uploaded was about 5mb (I kept the png images as small as possible). And there were only about 8 of them.

Do you have any tips on keeping content as small as possible for download?

Also, if you have tips for 3D models and bone animation, please share that too. I will move on to making 3D content very soon.

Thank you


Hi there,

That’s a very interesting topic which we’ll hopefully be covering in future documentation, optimisation is definitely an important factor to consider when developing your AR experiences.

In the meantime, here are a few good practice guidelines our in-house team use to reduce the size of their AR experiences:

  • Remove unused files from your media library
  • Remove unused symbols from the symbol definitions
  • Convert audio files from stereo to mono
  • Reduce the resolution of image files
  • Use jpg image files rather than png where possible
  • Trim audio tracks, and if possible create shorter loopable audio

Hope this helps, all the best.


The “Analyse” option (in the main menu) is also a great help to keep your file optimised. :slight_smile: