How to generate zpt file rather than zap works?

Could I generate zpt file freely by myself with some SDK like kit in npm provided.

Hi @liulong9892,

We have two npm packages that can generate .zpt s for you :slight_smile:

Thank you. :+1:

Can i use this package with react project?

Hi @nowfalsalam,

I replied directly to your email. I’m adding the answer here to help with anyone else that might have a similar question:

Our image-training package only runs on node/server side. If you want to train images “on the fly” then you’ll need to build a backend service which will get send the image, then you can train it to convert it to a .zpt file and then return that .zpt file.

Hope this helps.


Anyone looking for a built solution can visit this GitHub repo

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Nice work @obeymyshinnyrod!